„I realize that life has given me many gifts.
I can do what makes me and others happy,
and that’s where I see the real meaning.“

I’m Yveta del Mar.

My educational background is translating/interpreting. Foreign languages, travelling, living in foreign exotic countries, diverse cultures and people’s mentality have interested me since I was a little girl. I was especially fascinated by the countries and life around the Mediterranean Sea. My great love has become Spain and Portugal in the first place. By living abroad and travelling I spent  wonderful 7 years of my life.

A traumatic situation in relationship with my partner stopped me. The shock was so severe and the situation so intimate and complex that it was not possible to solve it with the methods commonly available. Suddenly I was unable to use any of the five languages I fluently speak, and I was certainly not willing to share my problems and inner conflicts with anyone. I started looking for a new way to deal with my inner “bugbears”, to break out of the loop of self-doubt and self-destructive behaviour. 

I gradually came to therapeutic methods that helped me in a non-violent way, and without words (i. e. without the necessary sharing of inner conflicts, pain, or simple nervousness) to come back to myself and to see my uniqueness and originality. My passion for essential oils and working with them; gentle massage therapy to relax the body; breathing techniques; and a creative color self-coaching called Neurographics was born.

I am now a certified specialist in these methods with several years of experience and try to share their amazing potential with my clients.


In addition to the above methods, I am also interested in Taoist approaches to healing (my favourite teacher is Mantak Chia), various breathing techniques, different forms of meditation, dance and music therapy (especially focusing on the healing sounds of the Tibetan bowl) and I regularly practice Zhineng Qi Gong (I have attended several workshops directly with the Chinese masters).

I am inspired by scientific studies and the work of the following personalities:

Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Sue Morter, Dr. Tara Swart, Amy Cuddy, Gregg Braden, Rob Wergin, Peter Crone, Kelly Brogan, M.D., Genadij Malachov, Dr. Stephen T.Chang, Norman Doidge, PhDr. Jana Nováčková, CsC., PhDr. Dobromila Nevolová, Zha Wei, Chen Feisong, Harold Dull, Dr. Pang Ming, Mantak Chia, Wei Qi Feng, Dr. Gary Young, KG Stiles, Gabriel Mojay, Candace Pert, PhD., Philippa Merivale, Dieter Dorn, Dr. Christine Page, Eva Rudy Jansen, Prof. Pavel Piskarev, Olga de Schower, Joerg Lehmann and others.